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A new and exciting way to discover modern sculpture in Cambridge.

Three walking trails take you to outstanding pieces of sculpture sited in historic and modern Cambridge.

Trail 1 South Cambridge
Trail 2 City centre
Trail 3 West Cambridge

Trail 1

South Cambridge

Trail 1 begins at one of the gateways to Cambridge - the Railway Station. Although part of your walk is through busy streets, you will have the opportunity to see how sculpture can enhance an urban setting.

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Trail 2

City Centre

Trail 2 begins at the Tourist Information Office, which is close to the centre of historic Cambridge and gives you the opportunity to view over thirty sculptures sited both in civic settings and university grounds.

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Trail 3

West Cambridge

Trail 3 begins at Churchill College and is an attractive and tranquil walk that provides the delightful experience of viewing sculpture within several college gardens where the settings change with the passing seasons.

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